What people nowadays react when they find out I'm a virgin

-Sharmane P. Vidal

What's really sad about the generation today is that, young girls who have been into pre-marital sex are more hailed than the few who have managed to remain steadfast with their purity and being pristine after all the pressures in their surroundings. That is why parents should choose wisely where to expose their children. In the house and community and most especially in school where we all start to learn how to socialize and find out something on our own with the absence of our guardians. I have always mentioned how I'm saddened by the thought of how the multi-media have influenced the youth, you know, the negative side of it.

I feel like my soul is always assigned to different kinds of environment as I meet different kinds of people of different age, attitude and in different situation, I always try to just be myself. Observing people and their demeanor is one of the most interesting facts to do while we live. My latest encounter with a colleague who is about to reach 30 is one interesting experience. In his age, suffice it to say that he’s “too old” to be collaborating with his younger colleagues. He has a dark skin and can easily be recognized as older than all of us. He has two little girls and a wife. We usually expect people to have more wisdom and experience if they are older than us--and someone we should look up to. But to my disappointment, he would usually strike a conversation about how he treats his wife and his seemingly unconventional relationship with his kids. I think it's really pitty. I don’t wish to be judgmental and I usually try to maintain an open mind when dealing with different personalities. I just thought he'd show and brag about the right things a man or must I say a husband and father should, or am I just really clueless when it comes to that point of how guy-talks are going.

There’s another person I met only several months ago. He is part of the group of friends I was able to associate with most recently. He has the size as big as Jollibee, a stereotypical high-standard gangster (or is there any word to describe it?). It has been months that I have been with this kid thus I was able to recognize a type of behavior associated with teenage punks. I have found out and learned more about the facts of a stereotypical person from his person, and how he would perceive things, how he would act or respond and treat people according to what he sees. So unfortunately, I was astonished with what I recently found out about how he would rather stay out of jest to young ladies engaged in pre-marital sex than somebody who have managed to keep their vows and boundaries ahead of them. I have always believed in upholding my self esteem and self respect, and to be someone to be looked up to. But I would constantly hear a criticism; I call it discrimination from him about me being picky to men or guys. He would also unload some very unpleasant reactions about my belief as a woman. I am not the type who will easily cave in to his uncanny standpoint. Any woman with a weak principle would be pressured to accept hook, line and sinker what they brag about in order to be considered as “in” in the society at the expense of your dignity as a woman. I am not talking about people I know who have been into pre-marital sex or who have experienced unwanted pregnancy. I am referring to some isolated incidence. I know why some of these things are trending and happening. 

Yes, I am a free-spirited, bubbly and predictable as you thought I am, but I am certain that there are beings like me you might encounter in your future journeys too. I want to emphasize that I am peculiar when it comes to issues about relationships. I hope we will all learn to respect each other because we all have different thoughts and have adopted different beliefs. Each individual we meet is unique but I must conclude that the stereotypical ones could be spotted as well. The rest of my thoughts that I could possibly share and explain are still unwritten. And if by chance that the guilty people would read this, I hope you'd learn to know someone further before you classify them.

However, I thank these people of a kind and God by placing me in such unique mission. Their perceptions gave my thoughts interest and made me want to learn more about mentality. And I hope one day, that things will end up according to their perspective.


Ellen Adarna's mumbled words during the interview and Xian Lim's behavior during the Chinese New Year celebration 2014 plus Anne Curtis "I can buy you, your friends and this club"

Regardless of the nature where the society is quick to give opinions to issues...

I think Ellen Adarna, as a human being, had those days of not having been able to put her words together. This might trigger some emotional, mental or physical matters especially when she posted on her twitter account that she was tipsy during the interview. I've seen some of her videos and read how she writes. It's not as bad as what people think just because she failed to deliver good grammar in her one interview. People instantly scrutinize a mistake after witnessing one. One little mistake and she's judged as bad. We often forget to put some benefit of the doubt or dig more about the person. Just like failing a quiz or maybe having a writer's block, she must have experienced that in the moment. Each of us may have experienced a similar situation in the past and maybe in the future.

Regarding Xian Lim's yes, it seems that he offended Charmae Viking (Kim Chiu's kalokalike). That was a foul behavior, but I believe that there was something that bothered him that elicited his bothersome behavior. Sometimes we do offend people inattentively and that doesn't mean that we should provoke them forever. Well, I know that the damage has been done when he humiliated Viking in front of the crowd and all the spectators. Maybe fame has inflated his head but the reality is that sometimes not everyone have the same situation to remind them to slow down. Fame could drive people crazy and blow their tops. This is just another lesson for him. Thank God it happened so that he won't repeat such behavior. If I were Viking I would slap his gorgeous face in front of everybody but well, everything was caught up by the situation and I'm sure he was caught up too.
 In this issue, it also reminded me of Anne Curtis' not so current "I can buy you, your friends and this club" incident. It occurred in my mind that people in the show business could be harsh but that's because we could all be, everyone could be, even the nicest people in the world have their own versions of harshness and unrelenting behavior. It could happen tomorrow, yesterday or even of this moment of time, anytime! But the disadvantage to them is that they live with all eyes of the nation and sometimes the whole world. A lot of spectators in different personalities could easily point out their flaws and turn them down plus it could be recorded as history.

We judge because we don't understand, but you know, we could count on their good side instead without dwelling on their weaknesses. Open our minds and always give benefit of the doubt, give them a chance; they aren't the drug lords or the syndicates, the murderers or the most sinful people, The Cedric Lee, they are still in their minds, like us. If Ellen Adarna couldn't answer the interview well, how much more the people with stage-frights, the illiterates, uneducated and us who are humans?

Maybe if they're too much or uncontrollable, that's when we should agree that they deserve opinionated judgments.


Does the moonlight shine on Paris?


Bonjoir! Does the moonlight shine on Paris after the sun goes down?
Is this sentence familiar? It's because it's from the lyric of the song Moonlight over Paris.
Have you wondered if the moonlight in Paris shine with the Eiffel tower too? I am a big dreamer of visiting Paris one day, or even live there; I also want to learn French and be fluent, could it be too late to learn the language? Anyway, my outfit is inspired by a classy traveler kind of look. I haven't imagined that I would develop a desire to travel the beautiful places of the world. Only if I have the power and the wealth to let me, I would travel alone as soon as possible for sure and the first thing I'd land in is definitely PARIS. <3

Mustard V-back with big ribbon is love! I ordered at https://www.facebook.com/temptaIONS
I love my classy black hat and the leopard boots bought by my mom. (Will update you for the brands)

SPECIAL THANKS TO a TEN YEAR OLD BOY who is considered as my baby brother Charl's Sanchez who took all the wonderful photographs of mine. Lovelove


Hopeless Romantic

Had this simple shoot in a tiny alley where I grew up, the walls are still alive where we (me and my childhood friends) used to vandalized. haha. And I have a good news! Would you believe that my photographer is a ten -year-old boy? Yep! It's Toto Charls, my non-biological baby bro. He has an eye of a tiger! hahaha I mean he took a lot of good shots with very good angles. :)

So, my top is from my mother's closet, I love the label that says Romantic because it makes me feel me! I love Romantic themes and vibe, so it makes me feel like the top suites me well. hehe. 
My short shorts been blogged a couple of times from my recent posts, this is my favorite shorts, if you must know. 
My sling bag is my very recent purchase it costs 1$ from a thrift store, I like that it looks Chanel and very classy. 

P.S. Pardon my background ;)

the recent close-up photos are some of Toto Charls' shots. 


A night for Two

Another blasted night last November 16-17 at Padi's Point where me and my friends attended.
What made my night best? Two good news' happened: one, is that I was chosen to be one of the best dressed winners of the night and I received free clothes from Alexia's Cloud online shop. I really appreciate the gift prize and I loved it! :) I will surely blog about it as soon as I wear it. Now let's move on to the 2nd good news, so we decided to bar hop and passed by the flow super club's road, as me and my friends were strutting down and so busy chatting about random stuff, I noticed a pretty familiar face of guy which I felt from second that is just one of my favorite singers in the OPM industry! At first glance I thought he was just a similar face of such singer, then I took a closer look with my effort, trying to clear my sight and then recognized some pretty very much familiar ladies behind him crossing down to enter the Flow SuperClub. The guy was really my favorite singer! He was CHAMP from HALE! And Luckily, the pretty ladies were Camille Co, Patricia Prieto and Laureen Uy! Our little dream of meeting them was very unexpected, though we might not be that special to be entertained well, but they made a very good first impression from me, from us! And as fan girls like really BIG fan girls and as their co-bloggers(though we're just a bunch of small-town bloggers) we couldn't resist not to squeak with the excitement and unbelievable opportunity! :) So, my night was completely appreciated and I thank God for another night to remember. :)

I don't know why these ff pictures aren't in position, any idea how to scroll these to right? :/